Happy Orchestra


Getting to play for and with you all makes me happy. The level of talent in this city is astounding, the community that supports this music scene is as strong as I’ve ever seen, and contributing to that has been incredibly life affirming. I have fun, I’m challenged in every dimension, and at the end of the day the effort I’ve put forth has gone to something 100% positive. I want more, and so Happy Orchestra is born.

Happy Orchestra is a band that puts smiles on faces and lights fires under feet. Its members are drawn from some of the Northwest’s most highly regarded funk, jazz, and soul bands including McTuff, Skerik’s Bandalabra, Richie Aldente, and more. The band combines instrumental and compositional firepower with a determined effort at crafting an intensely happy musical experience. Visit happyorchestra.com to stay updated on upcoming shows, highlights, and to sign up for the Happy mailing list.

~ Tarik


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