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Get Music, Video, and Writing on Patreon

Patreon is a platform where artists post their work and fans who want to hear, see, and support that work can subscribe. Your direct patronage is the best way to empower people who make the things you enjoy, and I’ll be posting everything I make on Patreon to allow you to do just that.

Those things will include:
– music audio and video, featuring the incredible musicianship of the people I’m fortunate enough to meet and work with.
– writing about how music is made and can be better understood, and what I experience as a working/traveling musician.

Thanks for your support! Onward. :-)


Seattle’s Live Music Business Model is Broken

Disclaimer: This is not about guilting musicians for playing at clubs with bad deals or badmouthing venues for setting what are, in my opinion, ridiculous terms. This is about informing the live music audience of the realities behind putting on these shows and what I see as anĀ unsustainableĀ situation, and trying to move past the usual finger-pointing and complaining so we can have a constructive, open discussion about what is fair and why.

Every few months the Seattle musician community erupts with outrage over a particularly awful night at one of the city’s many live music venues. For whatever reason there was a breakdown in communication between the musicians and venue, who each had different expectations about the cover, room fee, sound situation, promotion, set times, etc. We all quietly piss and moan to each other after last call, rarely letting our audience know what happened for fear of burning bridges. The fervor dies down and a few weeks later we’re back to where we started, playing the same venues with crowds none the wiser, waiting for the next time one of us gets a raw deal so we can repeat the cycle.

There have been a few solutions thrown out there, all basically centered around some kind of union. Musicians would organize and collectively decide on a set of acceptable terms for playing these venues. The problem I see is that I can’t tell another musician what they’re worth. If someone wants to play for less than ideal terms for exposure or getting more playing experience, that’s their choice. Everyone has their own idea of what they need to be happy and I can’t change that.

In my view, the key to a solution to all of this is information and fairness. Continue reading Seattle’s Live Music Business Model is Broken