2012 In Review

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This past year has been incredible. As a performer I’ve been lucky enough to play over 140 shows in a dozen cities with 45 stellar musicians making up 20 different groups, not including the many I’ve met and played with at sessions and private events. As a teacher I’ve witnessed long-time students enter music programs all over the country and continue their growth here at home. As a homeowner, I survived a brutal attack by what I can only assume to be jazz-hating yellow jackets that built a nest in my backyard. Revenge is a dish best served in a spray-can filled with poison.

2012 Highlights

After joining Seattle’s Table & Chairs Records, Hardcoretet‘s album Do It Live got the press and radio attention it deserved and reached #16 on the CMJ (US) Top 40 Jazz Chart and #8 on the Earshot (Canada) Jazz Chart. McTuff recorded a new album at Electrokitty studio and our residency at Seamonster Lounge produced a constant flow of notable nights including a drop-in by Dave Matthews Band saxophonist Jeff Coffin, a night of music by Richie Aldente featuring Richie himself (Tim Kennedy), and the birth of TIBORFEST – the celebration of Seattle’s most energetic and supportive music fan. Jen Grajewski at Kentridge High School, my alma mater and home to Washington’s best drama department, contracted me to direct the pit in two shows, Legally Blonde the Musical and Godspell, and Farko and Feodor Dosumov enlisted Joe Doria and myself to fill out their jazz fusion group Double Trouble.

The Musicians

Aaron Otheim Evan Flory-Barnes Milo Peterson
Andy Coe Farko Dosumov Nathan Vetter
Ari Zucker Feoder Dosumov Nelson Bell
Art Brown Ian Sheridan Nick Molenda
Birch Pereira Jimmy James Ron Weinstein
Brendan O’Donnell Jake Amster Ryan Burns
Brennan Carter Jeff Busch Skerik
Bridgid Roney Jeff Coffin Steve Kim
Cliff Colon Joe Doria Thaddeus Turner
Clipper Anderson John Terpin Tim Carey
David Andrade Katrina Kope Tim Kennedy
Dean Schmidt Kim Gibbon Tom Marriott
Eddy Ferguson Leif Totusek Travis Ranney
Eric Fridrich Mark Mattrey Ty Bailie
Eric Verlinde Michael Powers Tyler Kope


This year I’ll be focusing on presenting Hardcoretet and McTuff to a wider audience with shows in new cities and new albums from both bands. I’ll also be putting the vibraphone I bought in 2011 to some use and composing for a large group of some kind.

2012 has been great, 2013 will be better. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.