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The Social Dilemma Extended

The Social Dilemma is worth watching. If I had a kid with social media accounts I’d force them to watch it under threat of punishment. As someone without a kid I assume that’s the best way to get them to do things. The documentary clarifies the harmful methods these platforms use to exploit psychology, monopolize attention, and alter behavior. Some important things I think it missed or glossed over too quickly:

The only way to limit the damage these platforms cause is to limit usage, but what if your livelihood depends on hours of daily exposure to social media? Musicians, journalists, social media/marketing managers, the owner of the bar/coffee shop/restaurant down the street. Almost every entrepreneur is in this position to some degree, especially artists, a class of people extra sensitive to judgement and whose access to opportunity is defined by view counts and engagement. Being financially dependent on that much social media exposure without awareness of the dangers involved will inevitably lead to the digital equivalent of black lung.

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EAST: Erskine Abouzied Stekelenburg Trujillo

Efraim Trujillo – saxophone
Michiel Stekelenburg – guitar
Damian Erskine – bass
Tarik Abouzied – drums
Recorded in Holland in October 2018

The benefit of being a musician I value the most is the ability to share its practice with people all over the world. I hadn’t been to Holland or met Michiel and Efraim prior to the recording of this album, but our shared love of craft allowed for the creation of music at a level generally reserved for musicians with years of shared experience. We spent a week together recording and performing, and I consider this album among the best of those I’ve been a part of.

Happy Orchestra Plays Tower of Power

Brought out the crew to play through and document some of my favorite music by Tower of Power. Turned out great!

Happy Orchestra featuring:
Tarik Abouzied – bass
Nate Bogopolsky – vocals
Skyler Floe – trumpet
Jory Tindall – tenor sax
Skerik – bari sax
RL Heyer – guitar
Mack Grout – keys
Brad Boal – drums
Tor Dietrichson – percussion

Nick Molenda – cameras

New Song: YeahYeah

A new song featuring Jory Tindall on saxophone, Michael Van Bebber on trumpet, RL Heyer on guitar, and myself on drums, bass, and keys. Watch the full video above and pick up the mp3 from Bandcamp below!