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“A phenomenally funky drummer, with taste, feel, and chops to spare, Abouzied elevates every band he’s a part of. With humor and humility, he achieves a deft balance, exploring the technical and intellectual challenges in music while still forging a deep emotional connection with the audience.” – Earshot Jazz

“Forty-five years ago, Seattle trio McTuff would’ve been stars on Blue Note Records: guitarist Andy Coe, organist Joe Doria, and drummer Tarik Abouzied possess Olympian skills on their instruments…” – Dave Segal, The Stranger

“Playing the most minimalist kit possible, he’s one of those jazz savants who is incapable of a dull moment. Thinly disguising ferocity behind understated, Zen power, he glowed with a satisfied grin while continuously lighting a fire beneath each of his bandmates. Given ample opportunity in the spotlight, there was one solo which definitely transcended what any drummer has ever achieved on the Crazy Horse stage.” – Show Review

“Tarik Abouzied is a musical wizard with so much to share. Speaking with him about his craft as a instrumentalist and the industry in general, is as refreshing as meeting up with an old friend at your favorite coffee shop. The passion exudes from his every word and you can tell music isn’t just a hobby, or career for him; it’s a lifestyle.”Interview with Shannon Livewell

“Happy Orchestra in a way encapsulates the jocular personality of its creator and leader, blending overwhelming positivity with virtuosity, utilizing the talents of some of the top jazz and funk soloists on the west coast. While the music may express the intricacies of modern jazz expressionism, it never loses sight of its soulful, horn powered grooves, supported by the rhythmic virtuosity and leadership of Abouzied on drums.” – All About Jazz ‘Baba’ Review

Nominated NW Jazz Instrumentalist of the year – 2017 Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Awards

Awarded 2013 and 2015 4Culture Arts Project Grants.

Guest contributor to online bass magazine, including the most shared article of 2017.