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Happy Recordings & High School Workshops

With the students of Kent Meridian High School. Photo by Sarah Anne Carson

The seeds of 4Culture’s Arts Project Grant award are starting to take fruit. Two weeks ago I visited Kentridge and Kent Meridian High Schools along with Skerik, Tim Kennedy, and Evan Flory-Barnes for a workshop on artistry and emotion. We had an incredible conversation about what we all do and why, and brought a few brave volunteers up to make some music with us. We’ll be doing more and more of workshops in the future, so keep an eye out for how you can help make these happen.

I’ve also spent the last few weeks polishing the audio from Happy’s video recording and just released a few full-length tracks for streaming on Soundcloud. Check em out below and let me know what you think!

Awarded 4Culture’s 2013 Arts Projects Grant!


Finding alternate sources of funding for my projects was a big goal for 2013, and I’m happy to report that I’ve received a $5,500 grant from 4Culture that will go towards recording a third Hardcoretet album and bringing the band to music classes across King County. The album will feature nine new original songs from the band and will be recorded at Robert Lang Studios in July under the capable engineering hands of our good friend and Richie Aldente bassist/producer Ian Sheridan.

Thank you all for the support, encouragement, and opportunities you’ve sent my way. I’m excited for what comes next…