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Fall 2014: Sabian Endorsement, McTuff Tour, and Happy Orchestra

Fall 2014

I’m happy to report that I’m now a Sabian endorsed artist! I’m proud to have joined the ranks of some of my biggest influences and favorite drummers including Billy Kilson, Mark Guilana, and Terreon Gully, and I’m excited to put some new cymbals to the test this fall. I’ve been using Sabian’s 22″ Artisan as my main ride for years now with great results (you can hear it on Hardcoretet’s last two records and on McTuff Vol. 3 here) and recently picked up a pair of 13″ HHX Groove Hats, a 21″ HHX Fierce Ride, and 19″ HHX Fierce Crash. All of these cymbals have rich body and just the right amounts of attack and decay, the perfect qualities for the type of playing I do with McTuff and the many other groups I get to play with. Thanks to the folks at Sabian for making great cymbals and giving me the opportunity to represent them.

Happily, with the endorsement comes plenty of chances to put those cymbals to good use. Tomorrow McTuff embarks on a two-week, 12-city west coast tour along with the extremely talented players of Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. The band is celebrating its 20th year of making music with a new record and national tour, and McTuff is honored to join on dates from San Diego to Seattle. Check the Performances page to see when we’re in your city, spread the word, and come see a show!

Finally, with the members Hardcoretet so busy with their respective projects (Polyrhythmics, Heatwarmer, McTuff, etc) the band is on a bit of a sabbatical. Aside from missing out on making music with those guys, I’m also left without an outlet for writing music of my own. To that end, I’ve started a project called Happy Orchestra that will feature a rotating cast of my favorite musicians and will play a few big shows a year. The inaugural performance will be at Tiborfest at Nectar Lounge on Friday, November 7th and features members of McTuff, Polyrhythmics, and Funky2Death. The bill also includes Richie Aldente, another one of my favorite Seattle groups, and promises to be a ridiculously good time.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement! I’ll see you out there…


2013: 4Culture Grant, Two New Records, and Reality Television

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I’m happy to say that 2013 was even better than 2012. As a performer I’ve had the opportunity to play over 160 shows this year, both with my main projects and as a guest with some of my favorite Seattle bands and musicians. As a teacher I’ve continued my work with schools all over the city as well as with my own students, giving me a chance to make music and have a great time with over 50 kids aged 6 – 60. I got into grant writing, I traveled the coast and border states, and my chickens are still alive. Yep, a good year!

2013 Highlights

A goal for 2013 was finding a way outside of shows and merch sales to fund making the music I wanted to make. Continue reading 2013: 4Culture Grant, Two New Records, and Reality Television

July: McSummer Continues

McSummer 2013

Lots in store for both bands this month, with out-of-town trips for McTuff every weekend and Hardcoretet spending four days at Robert Lang Studios recording our third album. Highlights include Hardcoretet at the Jazz in the Valley festival in Ellensburg, McTuff at Tidewater, Oregon’s Blacksheep Family Reunion, and a gig with one of my favorite groups Richie Aldente. Looking forward to playing music all over the northwest!

McTuff – Tuesday, July 2nd @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+
McTuff – Thursday, July 4th @ Fiddler’s Inn, 9pm – 21+
Richie Aldente – Saturday, July 6th @ Private Event
McTuff – Sunday, July 7th @ Faz-Rush Wedding
McTuff – Tuesday, July 9th @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+
McTuff – Thursday, July 11th @ Emerald of Siam, 9:30pm – 21+
McTuff – Friday, July 12th @ John’s Alley, 10pm – 21+
McTuff – Saturday, July 13th @ John’s Alley, 10pm – 21+
Hardcoretet – Monday, June 15th Robert Lang Recording Session
Hardcoretet – Tuesday, June 16th Robert Lang Recording Session
McTuff – Tuesday, July 16th @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+
Hardcoretet – Wednesday, June 17th Robert Lang Recording Session
Hardcoretet – Thursday, June 18th Robert Lang Recording Session
McTuff – Friday, July 19th @ Diablo’s Downtown Lounge, 10pm – 21+
McTuff – Saturday, July 20th @ Goodfoot Pub & Lounge, 10pm – 21+
McTuff – Sunday, July 21st @ Swedish SummeRun, 8am – All-Ages
McTuff – Sunday, July 21st @ White Center Jubilee Days, 5pm – All-Ages
McTuff – Tuesday, July 23rd @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+
Hardcoretet – Wednesday, July 24th @ Triple Door Musicquarium, 9pm – 21+
Hardcoretet – Friday, July 26th @ Gallery One Ellensburg, 8:30pm – All-Ages
McTuff – Saturday, July 27th @ Blacksheep Family Reunion, 10pm – All-Ages
McTuff – Tuesday, July 30th @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+

Awarded 4Culture’s 2013 Arts Projects Grant!


Finding alternate sources of funding for my projects was a big goal for 2013, and I’m happy to report that I’ve received a $5,500 grant from 4Culture that will go towards recording a third Hardcoretet album and bringing the band to music classes across King County. The album will feature nine new original songs from the band and will be recorded at Robert Lang Studios in July under the capable engineering hands of our good friend and Richie Aldente bassist/producer Ian Sheridan.

Thank you all for the support, encouragement, and opportunities you’ve sent my way. I’m excited for what comes next…

2012 In Review

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This past year has been incredible. As a performer I’ve been lucky enough to play over 140 shows in a dozen cities with 45 stellar musicians making up 20 different groups, not including the many I’ve met and played with at sessions and private events. As a teacher I’ve witnessed long-time students enter music programs all over the country and continue their growth here at home. As a homeowner, I survived a brutal attack by what I can only assume to be jazz-hating yellow jackets that built a nest in my backyard. Revenge is a dish best served in a spray-can filled with poison.

2012 Highlights

After joining Seattle’s Table & Chairs Records, Hardcoretet‘s album Do It Live got the press and radio attention it deserved and reached #16 on the CMJ (US) Top 40 Jazz Chart and #8 on the Earshot (Canada) Jazz Chart. McTuff recorded a new album at Electrokitty studio and our residency at Seamonster Lounge produced a constant flow of notable nights including a drop-in by Dave Matthews Band saxophonist Jeff Coffin, a night of music by Richie Aldente featuring Richie himself (Tim Kennedy), and the birth of TIBORFEST – the celebration of Seattle’s most energetic and supportive music fan. Jen Grajewski at Kentridge High School, my alma mater and home to Washington’s best drama department, contracted me to direct the pit in two shows, Legally Blonde the Musical and Godspell, and Farko and Feodor Dosumov enlisted Joe Doria and myself to fill out their jazz fusion group Double Trouble.
Continue reading 2012 In Review