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Week of 4/22: Evita


The cast and orchestra have been rehearsing for months and opening day is finally here! I’ve been working with a pit of students and professionals and the music is sounding GREAT. Come to this show and support one of the best music and drama education programs in the state.

McTuff – Tuesday, April 23rd @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+
Evita – Wednesday, April 24th @ Kentridge HS, 7pm – All-Ages
Evita – Thursday, April 25th @ Kentridge HS, 7pm – All-Ages
Evita – Friday, April 26th @ Kentridge HS, 7pm – All-Ages
Evita – Saturday, April 27th @ Kentridge HS, 7pm – All-Ages

Week of 4/15: McKickstarter Ends & Tiger’s Wood


I’m happy to say that McTuff’s Kickstarter surpassed its goal a week ahead of its closing date! We’ll be celebrating at our weekly Seamonster show, thanks for the support! Thursday, Tiger’s Wood reunites with special guest Art Brown.

McTuff – Tuesday, April 16th @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+
Tiger’s Wood – Thursday, April 18th @ Triple Door Musicquarium, 9pm – 21+

Week of 4/1: Tiger’s Wood & McTuff’s Kickstarter

This week, Tiger’s Wood brings sexy back to Ballard’s 418 Public House and McTuff mixes the new album at Electrokitty Sound Studio. The band is raising money on Kickstarter to fund the new record, so if you’re into the music and want to be part of getting it out there donate here!

McTuff – Tuesday, April 2nd @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+
Tiger’s Wood – Wednesday, April 3rd @ 418 Public House, 9pm – 21+


After 30 shows in January and February, March brings some much needed time off before picking up in April with Hardcoretet and McTuff trips and the start of Evita at Kentridge High School. I’ll still be getting my weekly Seamonster fix and a trip to Mexico to soak in some sun.

McTuff – Tuesday, March 5th @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+
McTuff – Tuesday, March 12th @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+
McTuff – Tuesday, March 19th @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+

Week of 2/25: Hardcoretet Weekend Trip

Hardcoretet vs Gravity

Hardcoretet has been spending time writing and rehearsing new material, and the time has come for us to show it to the world. The band will travel to Idaho and eastern Washington before returning to Seattle for a double bill with one of our favorite bands Gravity.

McTuff – Tuesday, February 26th @ Seamonster Lounge, 10:30pm – 21+
Hardcoretet – Thursday, February 28th @ John’s Alley, 9:30pm – 21+
Hardcoretet – Friday, March 1st @ Emerald of Siam, 9:30pm – 21+
Hardcoretet – Saturday, March 2nd @ White Rabbit, 9:30pm – 21+